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The Red Dirt Boys  self-titled cd  will be issued in 2017 featuring Emmylou

Jude Johnstone has a new CD - „A Woman’s Work“ - see section „Who’s Who“

New cd by Neema - Painting My Wall Gold with Emmylou on „For You“

New cd - Mavis Staples - I’ll Take You There

(An all-star-celebration) with Emmylou on „Far Celestial Shore“

(Released June 9th 2017) on CD and DVD

Emmylou is part of Shannon McNally - Black Irish

(Released June 9th 2017)

„At The Ryman“ with two additional tracks  was released on vinyl in May 2017

and on cd in August 2017

Emmylou is on „Sons Of The Palomino“, guest vocals on „Out Of This Town“

„The Ballad Of Sally Rose“ will be re-released with a couple of demos.

There are three tribute-cds coming out with Emmylou

A Tribute To John D Loudermilk  Emmylou with MaryAnn Kennedy & Pam Rose

                                               on „Where Have They Gone

Kris Kristofferson

Elton John